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Affiliations and Services

Congratulations Gospelworks Semifinalist in Texas Partners in Transformations Awards Program "FASTEN" - Click light below to view.

Gospelworks has over the years partnered with other organizations in developing programs that make a difference in Texas communities. Below is a highlight of services and a listing of affiliations.

The Arts & Community Service

Gospelworks has presented inspired works across the State of Texas. We have presented theater productions for churches, community centers, prisons, christian conferences and public theaters. We have showcased many talented artists as well as hosted fund raisers for 501c 3 organizations.

Video Active Parenting

Familiy Services for Inmates

Gospelworks “Video Active Parenting” (Houston) - Through our partnership with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the VAP Program helps inmate parents reconnect with their kids, through video conferencing, before returning home. This creative communication has been a vital part of repairing family relations in preparation for their reunion


Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Cool-Mournings -

I.T.S. 4 Learning -

Foston International -

The Hand of God Baptist

Se7en -

St. Elizabeth Community Center

Agape Ministries -

New Hope Baptist Church

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